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If you are in Emerald and surrounding areas and looking for the best tyres for your car, trailer or light truck then look no further than CQ Tyres and Mechanical.

We have a wide range of tyres from many different brands and you will be sure to find a tyre to suit your driving requirement and budget.

Tyres Emerald

But we are not just about selling tyres.

Just as important is the advice that your receive when purchasing your tyres. Our experienced staff can guide you to make the best decision regarding your tyres.

But before you come in, here is some useful information about tyres to help you not only choose the best tyre but to keep your tyres performing at their best.

With the wide range of brands, sizes and styles available, choosing a tyre can become a task. It is an important task however as tyres have a great impact on the performance of your vehicle.

  •  Worn tyres or incorrect tyres become a serious safety risk
  • If your tyres are at the minimum legal tread depth of 1.5mm, braking distances in the wet are significantly increased
  • A great amount of technology and research goes into the design and development of tyres

Since 1973, every new car sold in Australia has had to be fitted with a placard giving details of the manufacturer’s recommended tyre sizes for that vehicle.

  • The placard can normally be found on the doorjamb, glove box cover, or under the bonnet.
  • You should stick to the recommended tyre sizes.
  • Fitting a narrower tyre or one with a lower load rating is likely to cost you more in the long run.
  • You need the right tyre to ensure maximum life and lowest cost.
  • Proper use and maintenance can reduce a tyre’s life by 60% or more.
  • Check the tyres load rating and consider the effect on tyre life.
  • You should also be wary of buying second hand tyres.
  • Second hand tyres can be risky unless you know their history and can be sure they haven’t been damaged or abused.
  • A high performance tyre will cost more and may only last 20,000 km compared to 60,000 km or more for a tyre designed for longer life.
  • If in doubt, ask us for advice on your needs.

Tyre Maintenance

A set of new tyres on your car is an investment. It’s worthwhile looking after them. Regular checking is vital – if you don’t catch a leaking tyre early it could be ruined.

  • Check your tyre pressures every two weeks and use a reliable pressure gauge (check them when they are cold).
  • Make sure you maintain the recommended pressure at all times.
  • Rotate your tyres at every service, or at least every six months to ensure long life.
  • Front tyres on a front wheel drive car wear two and a half times faster than the rear tyres.
  • Utes, panel vans and 4WDs – check the pressure is right for your load. Check the tyre placard and /or the owners manual for the correct pressure for the load.
  • Avoid scuffing and hitting kerbs when parking your vehicle. Make sure all your tyres have a valve cap, as it is the main seal.

We hope that this information will help you when selecting your tyres. When you are ready for new tyres, CQ Tyres and Mechanical in Emerald has a wide range of tyres in stock. Check out our tyre brands at the links below or request a tyre quote at the end of the page.

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